Introducing “Being Electro,” Bihar’s premier startup specializing in comprehensive electronic repair services and IT hardware solutions. Our dedicated platform caters exclusively to laptops, desktops, printers, and Android TVs, offering both retail and wholesale rates. With a commitment to minimizing e-waste, Being Electro seamlessly connects service providers with service seekers, addressing the prevalent challenges faced by customers post-warranty.

In a market where 92% of customers grapple with post-warranty gadget issues and 79% actively seek reliable solutions, Being Electro emerges as a beacon of quality service. We acknowledge the scarcity of professionals ensuring quality service and the struggle to find quick and affordable solutions. Our mission is to bridge this gap, providing efficient and cost-effective resolutions to 60-80% of issues through phone consultations.

Recognizing the alarming e-waste statistics in India, where the western region contributes 35%, south India 30%, and the northern and eastern regions 21% and 14% respectively, Being Electro emphasizes proper e-waste management. This not only addresses environmental concerns but also fosters employment opportunities in the recycling and refurbishing industries, contributing to a sustainable circular economy.

Being Electro stands out by not only offering repair services for new gadgets but also focusing on the vast market of old gadgets. Unlike conventional repair shops charging exorbitant fees for minimal problems, we prioritize customer convenience and cost-effectiveness. Our trained professionals provide solutions over phone calls for 60-80% of issues, saving customers valuable time. For on-site assistance, our technicians ensure transparent problem resolution right in the customer’s home.

Our commitment to empowering women sets us apart. Through extensive training programs, we equip women with the skills to excel in the hardware service industry. In a market where competitors are reluctant to provide the necessary services, Being Electro emerges as the solution-oriented leader.

To streamline our services, we’ve developed the user-friendly Being Electro app, available on the Play Store. This app not only facilitates seamless access to repair services but also offers a diverse range of IT hardware products at competitive retail and wholesale prices. Currently operating in Bihar, we aim to expand our service portfolio to other regions in the near future.

Being Electro is not just a service provider; it’s a commitment to quality, sustainability, and empowering the community. Join us in ushering in a new era of electronic repair and IT hardware solutions.

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